Where to give birth?

The million pound question for birth!

Where should I have my baby?

Well your options are: hospital, birth centre, at home or…well anywhere! Yes, anywhere!

Both my births were planned home births but they ended up being very different.

With Everest I chose to go in to Airedale Hospital to be checked as when my waters released there was a possibility that there was some meconium, there wasn’t but I decided to stay at the hospital. 2 hours later Everest was born.

With Magnus my pregnancy was considered to be “high risk” (awful words). This was because after I gave birth to Everest I had a retained placenta and I ended up losing over 1500ml of blood.

Even with being “high risk” I discussed time and again my wishes for a home birth. My community midwife supported me 100% and we put a lot of plans in place for worst case scenario (for me this was another retained placenta). This was a very personal decision and one that I didn’t rush. Living under a mile away from Airedale Hospital really helped with this decision. If something didn’t go to plan then I would be at the hospital in a matter of minutes.

As it turned out, Magnus decided he wasn’t hanging around and arrived in our bathroom so quickly his daddy missed his birth.

No matter where you chose to give birth remember that it is your choice. Do your research, talk to your medical provider and most importantly, trust your gut instinct.

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Jess xx

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