Is Hypnobirthing for Dads and Birth Partners?

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I’m sometimes asked why it is important for a birth partner to attend my hypnobirthing classes. I’ve been told that “they won’t be in to it” and “they don’t believe it’ll help”. I cannot stress enough how important it is that your birth partner attends hypnobirthing classes with you.

Take a look at the below Q&A with my other half. Maybe show it to your reluctant birth partner. If all else fails, just tell them they’re going and use the pregnancy card.

hypnobirthing dad

How did you feel about birth before you attended a hypnobirthing class?

We had attended NCT classes prior to doing hypnobirthing, I had read books about birth, I felt I knew all I could know about labour and birth. But I still felt I didn’t have a role. Everything I had learnt was about the female role in labour. I felt I could probably pass an exam about birth, but I didn’t know what my role was going to be during labour and it made me nervous.

Did the hypnobirthing class change your mindset about birth? If so, how?

The hypnobirthing classes gave me a purpose. They showed me how I could actively be a part of the process of labour, rather than just being ‘the bastard that got you in this situation in the first place’, and all the other ‘movie’ cliches. I knew what my job was and how I was going to maintain this bubble of positive vibes.

What was it about hypnobirthing that you particularly liked?

I liked that it prepared me for labour, scene by scene almost. I already knew how my partner fit in to the equation, but now I knew how I fit in to it. Even in the weeks leading up to her due date I had tasks to do, which helped us bond with each other in the final run up to becoming parents.

How did you use what you learnt to support Jess through pregnancy and birth?

Because of all the preparation leading up to labour I knew what my partners wishes, hopes and fears were. So I knew how to maintain her sense of calm, whilst speaking to the midwives and drip feeding her information that she needed to know, without breaking her calm birth bubble. I felt confident, I felt purposeful, I felt I had helped our son enter the world in a calm, positive environment. We had worked as a team. I had helped my partner to have the birth she wanted by supporting her through her hypnobirthing experience.

Would you recommend hypnobirthing to expectant fathers and other birth partners?

Absolutely. I get that most men don’t understand hypnobirthing and think its probably a load of rubbish, but it really isn’t. Go into it with an open mind, its not about you its about your partner. Hypnobirthing really did give me the ability to be there for her in her time of need. It gave me purpose, and ultimately made me feel that I had done everything to make the best outcome of a moment we’ll both remember forever. Hypnobirthing definitely helped my partner have a positive birth experience, and our son entered the world to a calm environment, and for those reasons alone I’ll always be grateful that we learnt hypnobirthing.

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