Why You Should Pay for a Hypnobirthing Course Rather Than Attend a Free Hospital Hypnobirthing Course

There is a lot of choice out there when it comes to a Hypnobirthing course. Private or group? Investment or free? In a gorgeous relaxing setting or even the comfort of your own home or in a back room in a hospital? Both privately run and hospital courses have their pro’s and con’s, so take a look at the image below.

Hospital hypnobirthing vs private hypnobirthing infographic

These two images show two very different scenarios.

Option 1 on the left shows up to 40 individuals, the average size for a hospital hypnobirthing course in several trusts. That’s 38 other people that you and your birth partner don’t know in one room, in a setting where you are expected to concentrate and relax at certain times. You may be asked to close your eyes and practice some birth breathing, would you feel comfortable doing this with all those other people?

Option 2 on the right shows 11 individuals, the maximum size of The Calm Mama Co hypnobirthing group courses in Leeds and hypnobirthing group courses in Bradford. Often I will cap the group size at 4 couples so that I can give each couple as much attention as I can.

When deciding what the right course for you and your birth partner is, group size is something you definitely need to weigh up the pro’s and con’s of. In a larger group you may be overlooked, the content of the course may be generic and it may not answer any questions you may have regarding your own pregnancy and birth choices. On the other hand, you might have the ability to connect with more future parents or you might like the idea of blending in to the background.

Alternatively with a privately run group course like in option 2, the group size will be much smaller. A smaller group size means more attention from the teacher, less people to ask questions in front of if you’re slightly nervous and the teacher has the ability to take in to account any special circumstances that expectant parents might have and tailor the content. In The Calm Mama Co courses I set weekly “homework”, no writing but lots of practice. This means that I hold you accountable, making you practice every day and getting you prepared for when I’m not there in person.

With every course and provider you will find that there are differences in all aspects of the education you receive; from group size, to the amount of ongoing support you receive, to how much of a connection you will make with the teacher. As with all the choices you make in your pregnancy and birth, choosing the correct hypnobirthing course should be considered just as much as (read: more than) the pram you’ll buy.

Hypnobirthing is the best investment you will make in your entire pregnancy. Invest in your health, your mental health and your future well.

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