Why Just Reading a Hypnobirthing Book Isn’t Enough

I was recently told by an expectant parent that they’ve read a hypnobirthing book and don’t intend on spending any more money on it. She asked me if this was enough. No MP3’s, no affirmations, no visualisations, no breathing, no practice of any sort.

Truthfully? No!

Hypnobirthing isn’t something that will work after simply reading a book.

It takes practice, dedication and quite frankly, hard work.

My expectant parents who say that hypnobirthing worked for their birth are the parents who put the work in and practiced every day; they are the parents who trained their minds and bodies to know how to function when the time came, no matter what their birth looked like.

Benefits to completing an in person hypnobirthing class with me include:

  • You are held accountable – I’ll ask you to practice in between classes and complete visualisation exercises
  • I’ll not only teach you how to complete the exercises but I will practice alongside you so you have the confidence to know you can do it without me there
  • You have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need, during and after the course
  • I tailor the antenatal content to you and your pregnancy so you only learn what is truly relevant, meaning you gain a deeper understanding including NICE guidelines and your rights and options
  • Continual support for as long as you need, including signposting to breastfeeding and mental health support
    The reassurance and encouragement that you can do this!

The benefits to studying hypnobirthing through an in person course will always vastly out number those to only reading the book and if you think that it’s too much to spend on an antenatal class then lets put it in to a bit of perspective.

  • Hypnobirthing is proven to reduce the need for intervention of any kind in birth. That includes forceps, ventouse and cesarean sections.
  • Hypnobirthing can lower the chance of you developing Postnatal Depression
  • Hypnobirthing is an investment in yourself. I guarantee you, you will remember the day, how you give birth and how you felt at the time for the rest of your life.
  • Baby will not notice the difference between a budget rug in the nursery or that £200 La Redoute one. Think of it as self-care if you need to, do this for yourself.

No matter how you give birth, completing a Hypnobirthing course will benefit your pregnancy and birth.

Practice, practice, practice and know that you can do this!

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