Jake’s Positive Hypnobirthing Caesarean Section Birth Story

I had the pleasure of teaching Sarah and David their Private Hypnobirthing Course in January.
Have a read of the below and see just how valuable The Calm Mama Co Hypnobirthing is, no matter what path your birth may take.
Jake’s Positive Caesarean Section Birth

“We were lucky enough to undertake a private hypnobirthing course with Jess, which was fantastic as it meant that the content was directed to our particular circumstances. It helped us prepare for the range of different possibilities that we had been told we may face due to complications in our pregnancy including induction and caesarean delivery as well as understanding better the process of labour and the ways we could prepare ourselves for birth.
My labour began quite dramatically and I had to go into hospital by ambulance and ultimately, I ended up having an emergency Caesarean section. Whilst this was far from following our birth plan, the understanding and practices that we had learned from our hypnobirthing course were invaluable in helping us stay calm throughout even the most stressful points in the process. We were very happy that the staff at the hospital were all on board with hypnobirthing and ready to help us implement the practices we’d learned, both on the ward and in theatre. Despite the unexpected nature of his entry to the world, the tools we had to stay calm and focussed meant that on his birth, after a short exercise of his lungs, within minute our son, Jake, became calm, quiet and settled as we met each other properly for the first time.
Now, when facing the challenges of being a new parent, I still use the understanding and calming techniques we learned and find it so useful. We are lucky to have been blessed with a very chilled-out baby, and I feel that this part of his nature has been greatly influenced by the calm and happy way he came into the world.”

Massive congratulations to Sarah and David! Sending big love from The Calm Mama Co!

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