FAQ’s…What is hypnobirthing?

As a hypnobirthing practitioner some of the most frequent questions I’m asked are “What even is The Calm Mama Co hypnobirthing? Isn’t it all just a bunch of mumbo jumbo for hippies?”. Here I’ll answer some of the frequent questions I’m asked by expectant parents.


1. What is hypnobirthing?

Put simply, hypnobirthing with The Calm Mama Co is a full antenatal education involving a series of techniques that enable you to enter a deep state of relaxation throughout pregnancy, labour and birth.

2. What does the Hypno bit mean? Am I going to be clucking like a chicken?

Hypnobirthing is based around self-hypnosis, which is essentially a very deep state of relaxation. Imagine you’re driving a route you drive regularly, to work for example, and you get there and realise you don’t remember a certain road or set of lights; well that is self-hypnosis. It may sound daunting but you are 100% safe, if anything dangerous was to happen you’d snap out of it immediately. And no, you wont be clucking like a chicken.

3. How can hypnobirthing help me?

Hypnobirthing will teach you to remain calm, be in control of your birth and body, know your rights through your pregnancy and childbirth and give you the tools so that you can learn how to truly relax (no, Instagram scrolling in the bath doesn’t count).

4. I’m having a c-section so I can’t do hypnobirthing can I?

Hypnobirthing is suitable for ALL births; whether you chose a home birth, an induction or a c-section, hypnobirthing is applicable. I have friends who have used hypnobirthing through emergency c-sections and have said that it is the only thing that kept them calm and grounded. In my opinion, you can never do too much birth preparation, no matter what route your birth may take.

5. I can’t afford a full course, do you have any other options?

Yes! Everyone knows how tight money can be when you throw a baby in to the mix, I’ve been there and done it. That’s why The Calm Mama Co offers a number of courses and free taster sessions so that you can make sure that I’m the right person for you. Hypnobirthing courses with The Calm Mama Co start from £100 for a five hour intensive class which will give you all the techniques you need quickly.

So there you have it, my top 5 hypnobirthing questions.

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