Camping with a 10 week old

As a kid some of my favourite memories are of camping and going away in our caravan. I loved everything about it; the freedom to just run wild, meeting new friends within minutes of arriving, the sound of rain hitting the roof at night, the smell of the awning in a morning. These are feelings I want to pass down to my own kids.

Before I fell pregnant we went to Langdale in the Lake District for the Arc’tryx Mountain Weekend event, a weekend of climbing, drinking and good food. To say we loved it would be an understatement. So after countless not so subtle hints from James, I booked for us to go this year, with 10 week old Everest and our friends for support in tow.

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Whenever we said to people that we were taking a baby camping we were met with one of two remarks; “You’re so brave” or “Are you crazy?”. Well, no we’re not and no we’re not.

Children have never spent so much time indoors. Rickets is back because children don’t see enough sunlight, depression is on the rise and obesity is an epidemic. So why wouldn’t I do everything in my power to try stop all of these things.

It was the first weekend in May and it was glorious, beer garden with trousers rolled up complaining that we didn’t bring any shorts glorious. The nights were cold (I’m always cold) but not too bad and as far as the baby was concerned we were prepared for everything. Sun hat and factor 50+? Check. Snowsuit and hat? Check. More blankets and quilts than you can shake a sleeping bag at? Check check!

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The weekend was a smash. James and our friends did climbing workshops while Ev and I went for morning coffee at the local National Trust pub while my pelvic floor continued to recover. We had a fantastic BBQ at the aforementioned pub, and we sipped on stubby beers until a respectable 8.30pm.

It was one of those weekends where we thought “You know what, we can have a baby and our ‘old’ life”. Where I’d look at James and think how we were nailing parenting.

Having a 10 week old in a tent does pose numerous challenges, from midnight nappy changes on the floor to attempting not to be the family with the screaming baby to having so much stuff to pack you immediately google the best 8 man tents when you get home, but it’s all worth it. We had a brilliant weekend away from the newborn routine and to top it off Ev slept better than he ever had.

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Camping for us is part of our lives. It’s something James and I have individually grown up with and continued through our adult lives, and we both want our children to experience it as well. The hardest part about camping with a 10 week old was negotiating all of the stuff he needed in a wild-camping 3 man tent, whilst trying not to make a sound. I cannot wait for our future adventures.

I love the fact we’re that family, and we’ll continue to be that family. offers hypnobirthing positive antenatal classes in Yorkshire.

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